Selah Yoga Studios

We take an inspirational and artistic approach to yoga and wellness.  We feature several different classes for any skill level. Our beautiful studio is located in Pass Christian, MS.

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Selah Basics

Next Class: January 2020

Selah Basics is a beginner 4-week series that teaches the basics of Hatha Yoga; including postures, breathing techniques and mindful meditation techniques. This course is perfect if you are new to yoga, or simply want to learn more and brush up on the basics.

Selah Secondary

Next Class: TBD

Join us for a 4-week Selah Secondary Course where we will build on the basics and introduce a new theme each week. This course is for students that already have a beginner or intermediate yoga foundation. We will deepen the practice for strength, stability, and awareness.

Selah Advanced

Next Class: TBD

Are you beyond the basics, grounded in your next steps technique and ready to fly forward? Join us for a 4-week exploration of Advanced postures! We will learn each pose with patience and repetition, while building up strength and developing more ability.

About Selah Yoga Studio

SELAH (see-la) in Hebrew, is found throughout the  book of Psalms.  It commonly means to “pause” and “reflect” on what was written, sung or performed. Taking time to absorb what is meaningful is what having a Selah experience is about. Whether you come to take a class, spend some quiet time in the Book Nook and Aromatherapy room, look at artwork, or see a performance, we at Selah hope to provide you with opportunities for reflection, self-growth and community!

Our Approach

We take an inspirational and artistic approach to yoga and wellness.  Selah is an Arts Collaborative center that includes yoga, fitness, dance and fine arts performances to positively impact people’s lives.  With certified and degreed staff, we provide individuals with fitness that feels like soul food and looks like art! Selah Yoga is different because we strive to create a neutral, safe space for you to relax and gather together in an uplifting setting, regardless of your beliefs.

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