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Selah Yoga – Be Inspired

Selah Yoga is a safe, inspirational place to relax and reset from the demands of life. All Selah classes begin and end with a moment of mindful meditation and an inspirational message. Selah instructors are highly trained, certified and focused on providing you with a wonderful yoga experience.

Selah – A Reflective Pause

SELAH (see-la) in Hebrew, is found throughout the book of Psalms. It commonly means to “pause” and “reflect” on what was written, sung or performed. Taking time to absorb what is meaningful is what having a Selah experience is about. Whether you come to take a class, spend some quiet time in the Book Nook and Aromatherapy room, look at artwork, or see a performance, we at Selah hope to provide you with opportunities for reflection, self-growth and community!

Our Approach

We take an inspirational and artistic approach to yoga and wellness. Selah is an Arts Collaborative center that includes yoga, fitness, adult dance and fine arts performances to positively impact people’s lives. With certified and degreed staff, we provide individuals with fitness that feels like soul food and looks like art! Selah Yoga is different because we strive to create a neutral, safe space for you to relax and gather together in an uplifting setting, regardless of your beliefs and physical fitness level. At Selah yoga we are here to help you unwind, relax and bring balance back to your life!

Join Us to Relax, Be Inspired, & Challenge Yourself

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