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We take an inspirational and artistic approach to yoga and wellness.  Selah is an Arts Collaborative center that includes yoga, fitness, dance and fine arts performances to positively impact people’s lives.  With certified and degreed staff, we provide individuals with fitness that feels like soul food and looks like art! Selah Yoga is different because we strive to create a neutral, safe space for you to relax and gather together in an uplifting setting, regardless of your beliefs.

SELAH (see-la) in Hebrew, is found throughout the  book of Psalms.  It commonly means to “pause” and “reflect” on what was written, sung or performed. Taking time to absorb what is meaningful is what having a Selah experience is about. Whether you come to take a class, spend some quiet time in the Book Nook and Aromatherapy room, look at artwork, or see a performance, we at Selah hope to provide you with opportunities for reflection, self-growth and community!

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Relax, Be Inspired, & Challenge Yourself

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Leah Tennyson Rodgers

“Our resonance is our personal essence filling the space around it with our thoughts, intentions and truth. What you think, believe, feel and act out carries a vibration that fills the space around it. This is the resonance that others feel when they are in your presence. Being mindful so that you resonate on the highest frequency of loving and truthful intent is the ultimate goal of any Selah Yoga experience.”


Leah has a B.A. In Performing Arts; Vocal Performance, Theatre and Dance from Centenary College of Louisiana.

Leah is a 200hr yoga instructor through Dragonfly Yoga-River Rock Yoga Teacher Training with Moira Anderson (500hrytt) and Laura Tyree (500hrytt).

She is also certified in PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) which utilizes muscle memory to improve students understanding of core stability, weight placement, and alignment in order to help them achieve goals in classical ballet. 


Leah is a Yoga, Dance and Fitness instructor originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

She began as a dance instructor in ballet, contemporary/ modern, jazz, tap, and musical theatre. With a decade of dance teaching, choreography and performance experience in addition to pre-performance coaching Leah strives for excellence and continued education in her work. Her dance conditioning requirements are what first led her to Yoga and Pilates back in 2006-2007 and her injuries as an adult dancer are what led her to pursue yoga as a vocation so she could share the benefits with others.


Our People

Connie Raley

Connie Raley

Though I began my journey with yoga in the late nineties, I did not come to teacher training until 2012. I was living in the Los Angeles area at the time and discovered YogaWorks, which is a style and a method that blends the alignment of Iyengar, the practice of Ashtanga, and the flow of Viniyoga. I was blessed to study under some amazing teachers that helped shape my perspective and my practice.

Through my own personal practice I have discovered the necessity of building both strength and flexibility for the overall health and balance of the body, and how deeply that work penetrates layers beyond the physical. My work, my efforts, and my struggles on the mat have prepared me to better face the world off the mat. My intention in my teaching is to guide others through their own physical and mental limitations to reach a deeper level of strength, resilience, and peace.

I have earned all of my 500-hr training through YogaWorks and am registered with Yoga Alliance. I love what I do and hope to make some small difference in the world, or at least our little scope of it. Thank you.

Laiya Ann Kelly

Layia Ann Kelly

Yoga began my journey of relief from sciatica and other issues. I took all kinds of yoga classes and after 12 years I began my formal teacher training in 2004, with Yoga Fit Levels 1-3, I began teaching at studios and gyms. I have studied and taken workshop after workshop to learn about the nuances of the body, and how we can facilitate our own healing. I have written my own yoga course and taught it in 2015 thru 2017 in Texas.

I than continued with Yoga Training in 2015 at the Yoga Institute. I am now a certified 200-hour RYT. I am continuing my yoga journey to become a 500 RYT. My specialty is maintaining balance and strength through yoga, releasing stress, increasing range of motion, and engaging the energy system of the body through breathing and stretching.

Yoga has taught me about the power of the body to be strong by engaging the different systems. Our bodies are the most precious and amazing vehicles. I have experienced healing and relief through yoga and look forward every class to sharing my experiences with others and being of service here on the Gulf Coast.


Chris Estes

Chris’ yoga journey started in 2011 because of back pain and looking for an alternative to surgery. After becoming a regular yoga student, the back pain went away. He wanted to help others with similar problems. As a result, he became certified through Yogafit and has been teaching for 2 years. Chris has a B.A. In Communication from Auburn University with an emphasis in Fine Arts. Over the years, Chris has studied Judo, wrestling and later started the Sleep Center Franchise. He is a licensed Charter Boat Captain and Artist.

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