Virtual Class Schedule

     For “Virtual” classes we are using Zoom links. These classes can be accessed using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You will need to have access to Zoom and/or the Zoom app downloaded on your mobile device.

     To begin, choose a class and select “sign up”; then you will be required to login (for existing participants) OR to create an account (for new participants)  with our studio platform (Schedule Bliss).

     Once completing this process, the system will automatically email you a receipt AND access information for the selected class via Zoom.

     We ask that you sign up for classes at least (1) hour in advance so that our team is available to assist with any technical difficulties. You will be able to join the virtual class only once the host instructor enters the portal.

     The Zoom class window will open up to 15 minutes ahead of class time for set up and to interact with the instructor. Once class begins the instructor will mute all participants and begin recording so that folks can go back and watch them again.

     Stay encouraged! The 1st time is sometimes challenging, but you will get used to the system quickly!

     Thank you for joining our Selah online community!

     For assistance contact Leah @ (228) 219-2788 or