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About Selah Yoga Studio

SELAH (see-la) in Hebrew, is found throughout the  book of Psalms.  It commonly means to “pause” and “reflect” on what was written, sung or performed. Taking time to absorb what is meaningful is what having a Selah experience is about. Whether you come to take a class, spend some quiet time in the Book Nook and Aromatherapy room, look at artwork, or see a performance, we at Selah hope to provide you with opportunities for reflection, self-growth and community!

Our Approach

We take an inspirational and artistic approach to yoga and wellness.  Selah is an Arts Collaborative center that includes yoga, fitness, dance and fine arts performances to positively impact people’s lives.  With certified and degreed staff, we provide individuals with fitness that feels like soul food and looks like art! Selah Yoga is different because we strive to create a neutral, safe space for you to relax and gather together in an uplifting setting, regardless of your beliefs.

Candlelight Yoga


A gentle, moderate Vinyasa Flow class; taught with soothing, Indie music. Class flows in a way the student and instructor can dance through the movements as Asanas flow from one to another.

Selah Basics


This is a beginner series that teaches the basics of Yoga; including postures, breathing techniques and mindful meditation. Contact us to reserve your spot in this course.

Gentle Yoga


A relaxing class for those looking for something slow paced and reflective. This class includes basic yoga postures and stretches taught in a nurturing way. Appropriate for all skill levels and any age.


I highly recommend this yoga studio! I had not done a lot of yoga in the past six years. I was pleasantly surprised! The instructor is helpful, kind and knowledgeable. It is a hidden gem in the Pass Christian community.

Jennifer K.

Hands down the BEST yoga I’ve found, including the west coast! Totally unique and creative energy here. HUGE studio, personal approach, drop in rates for visitors. Warning: if you come once you will be HOOKED.

Dana S.

If you haven’t been to Selah, you really owe it to yourself! It’s such a beautiful space, and Leah is a fantastic instructor and space-holder. I leave her candlelight yoga with such peace and calm, ready for the week!

Kate M.

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