Many come to the practice of yoga in the beginning, and throughout, with tight bodies and tight minds. Moving from one pose to the next can be a struggle. When the body is not open and flexible any resulting resistance puts up road blocks to fluid movement. But, as we breathe, we create space in the body. The inhale expands the lungs, the rib cage, the belly, and if you allow it, the pelvis, the heart, maybe even the feet. The exhale draws in and contracts and presses out stale air that’s been stagnant deep inside.
As we begin to link the breath with our movement, in any amount, we experience a flow and connection between the two. As that breath increases and fills the movement, more space is created within our bodies.
Without breath there is no life. We know this. With conscious breath, life flows, the mind is more aware and connected. That connection is union. That union is Yoga.
The practice on the mat then begins to flow into our daily lives. Stress, tension, and confusion begins to dissipate as the mind and body become present through the breath. We then move more mindfully through the world. That mindfulness leads us to a deeper sense of peace. That peace and presence makes room for more rewarding interactions in our daily lives. Atha Yoganusasanam ~ The time for yoga is now. Namasté.

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