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Yoga Blanket & Fuzzy Socks

Yoga Blanket & Fuzzy Socks

“We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds.” ~ Pataῆjali, The Yoga Sutras We often hear of the health benefits of a regular yoga practice from various medical professionals and most millennials have seen flashy...

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Grounded Flow (Short) – Leah

(Levels 1.5-2.5) A short and grounded yoga flow. Practice supporting your body with balance as you learn to flow with more ease. You will gradually build up a sweat! Modify postures as needed for your body’s ability & safety. *Includes standing postures.

Water Meditation

Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of relaxing by the ocean? Our studio is just a short five minute walk away from the Gulf Coast beaches. Enjoy this 10 minute guided meditation with studio owner, Leah that is filmed with our local gulf coast waters!

Bonus! Moderate Mini-Flow- Connie

(Levels 2 & up) A multi-level vinyasa flow. Perfect for when you just need to get your blood pumping and squeeze in a quick set! This flow was technically an “Opps” video BUT...the flow set was so great, we decided to share it with you! *Modify postures as needed for your body’s ability & safety.

Slow Flow (Short) – Katie

Levels 1-2) A short, slow, and sweet yoga flow. Poses ease from one to the next fluidly with guided breath. *Includes standing postures. Beginner-friendly.

Gentle Stretch & Restore (Chair optional) (Full-Length) – Leah

(Levels 0.5-1.5) A gentle and accessible yoga class that is beneficial for a variety of levels. Combines postures for stretching and relaxation. For extra stability or support, a chair can be added at the front of your yoga mat.
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