Susan LaBrecque

Susan LaBrecque has been teaching dance, pilates and yoga on the Gulf Coast for 15 years! She received a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Boston in 1995 and continues to act professionally in film and television. She trained in Jazz, Ballet and Modern Dance, on both the East  and West coast. Susan received her certification with Balance Point Pilates in 2000. While in Los Angeles, she received a Hatha Yoga certification from ISMA/AAAI, in 2001.  “I’m so thankful for the wonderful instructors that I had as a student, and hope to pass on that same love for exercise and freedom of movement, to many others!”


Kelsey Wishik

Kelsey Wishik is an artist, maker, songwriter and mover currently living on the MS Gulf Coast.  She believes that fitness is holistic; a combination of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Her experience in the arts has a wide range; from sculpture and drawing to intuitive dance, martial arts, music and yoga. Currently, she has a B.F.A. in Fine Arts through the University of Southern MS.  Kelsey is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and also  Yoga Alliance, through the Asheville Yoga Center.


Chris Estes

Chris’ yoga journey started in 2011 because of back pain and looking for an alternative to surgery.  After becoming a regular yoga student, the back pain went away. He wanted to help others with similar problems.  As a result, he became certified through Yogafit and has been teaching for 2 years.  Chris has a B.A. In Communication from Auburn University with an emphasis in Fine Arts. Over the years, Chris has studied Judo, wrestling and later started the Sleep Center Franchise. He is a licensed Charter Boat Captain and Artist.