Plant-based Workshop

Improve your health & energy through plant-based nutrition

Objective: For participants to leave with an understanding of the power of plant-based nutrition and techniques to transition towards the lifestyle.

Date: February 15, 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Selah Yoga

Price: $65

Includes: Lunch, snacks, drinks, & plant-based starter packet


Tyler Cambre is the founder of Next Day Nutrition, providing 100% plant-based meals to the Gulf Coast. For more than three years, he has extensively researched plant-based nutrition and is committed to helping others experience its life-changing benefits.




1. Understanding nutrition: the impact is has on your life

  • Explain how every part of body is affected
  • How food affects our current state and future health
  • Case studies of foods and their effectsExplain how every part of body is affected

2. A new way to look at nutrition

  • Calories and macronutrients are not enough
  • Importance of micronutrients; mainly phytonutrients
  • Case studies of plant-based benefits




How did we get here? Understanding what you’re eating

  • Seeing through food marketing
  • Importance of ingredients
  • How to easily decipher quality

Optimizing your meals for disease prevention & reversal

  • What is Diabetes? Heart Disease? How plant-based diets can help
  • What’s best to eat?
  • Daily blueprint


LUNCH (explain benefits of meal)


5. Real life implementing

  • Why it’s difficult to make a positive change
  • Your why & commitment
  • It’s about progress, not perfection

6. Recap & starting point

  • Highlights
  • Tips for first steps
  • Resources

7. Q&A


Materials: Upon entry, participants will be handed a booklet for them to fill in to increase engagement and retention.