Plant-Based Workshop

Achieve optimal health and performance through proper plant-based nutrition

Looking for a way to optimize your health and performance?

Gain an insight on the power of plant-based nutrition and learn how it can not only prevent and reverse many diseases but how it can give you more energy, focus, and mental well-being. You will walk away with a better understand of plant-based nutrition as well as methods to help you transition towards the lifestyle.

You will receive a starter kit that will serve as a guide as you make this shift. You will also experience a nutritious meal and snack brought to you by Next Day Nutrition. 

Date: March 1st, 2020

Time: 3pm - 5pm

Location: Selah Yoga, Pass Christian 

Price: $65

Includes: Meal, refreshment, & NDN Starter Kit


Tyler Cambre is the founder of Next Day Nutrition, providing 100% plant-based meals to the Gulf Coast. For more than three years, he has extensively researched plant-based nutrition and is committed to helping others experience its life-changing benefits.


Low energy levels? Mental fogginess? Gradual weight gain?

What you eat has a greater significance than you may realize. Many of us understand the importance of proper nutrition and want to make changes to improve our health, performance, and longevity. Yet with so many conflicting views and diets out today, choosing the best route can be a difficult task.

Rather than looking for a short-term fix, we should ask ourselves what is best for our long-term health and well-being. The food we eat not only determines our immediate health, but is a great predictor of our health as we age.

We should strive to eat foods that not only benefit us as we age, but that make us feel good in the process. We all have access to more energy, clearer thinking, better endurance, stronger immune systems— healthier bodies. The key to this access is in what we eat.

Learn to eat in a way that allows you to be at your best.


“You become what you eat. Therefore, to be the best, you must eat the best.”


Information covered:

  • Understanding the powerful impact nutrition has on your life
  • An easier way to view nutrition; simplify decision making
  • Breaking down carbohydrates, fat, & protein
  • Foods worth adding & avoiding
  • How to apply these changes in the real world


Included in the workshop:

  • Lunch, snack, & drink by Next Day Nutrition
  • Plant-based booklet
  • NDN Starter Kit