Do you have the desire to write creatively — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, humor, essays?  Yet your attempts failed; you felt you didn’t have the necessary talent or skills to be a good writer.  Every good writer experiences such failures but overcomes them through knowledge and experience.

Through teaching and writing, the Writer’s Place helps individuals achieve the creative writing goals they dream about.


The Writer’s Place provides the encouragement, information, and constructive evaluation required for individual writers to complete their written work.


 Writing classes are limited to small groups, usually to 5-7 people. Individual writers identify their preferred writing genre and create specific works through the practice of writing, analysis, and revision.  One goal of the class is the creation of groups of like-minded writers who will review each other’s work, offering useful  criticism under the guidance of the instructor/coach.

We believe our classes should be affordable, meaningful, and fun.  Admission is open to anyone with the desire to write.  Pre-enrollment and a non-refundable payment is required to reserve a seat in a class.


Carter Hillyer, PhD


Carter Hillyer, PhD, is a retired English professor and unretired writer. He earned his doctoral degree at  the University of Mississipp and has taught writing and literature in the Cayman Islands, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  Carter has also worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer, publishing more newspaper and magazine articles than he can remember. He has no desire to quit writing or teaching.

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