One of the most heartbreaking things for me as a Studio Owner and as an Instructor is the amount of calls and messages that come through from beautiful souls too scared to start a yoga practice. People who feel they “aren’t enough”.  They have pictures, expectations and even experiences that have made them feel too scared to try or adhere to a regular practice.  They have heartbreaking stories and inner wounds that make wish I could give virtual hugs.  I get teary eyed when I hear “I’m not thin enough”, “I’m not bendy enough”, “I’m not strong enough” and “I have _____ injury or had _____surgery and will never be able to_____ again.”  My heart goes out to them.  

As a former dancer and athlete, I have been deeply injured before, felt “not enough” before and even quit before. There was I time that I too thought I wasn’t “worth it” to come to my mat. I have broken down and cried in yoga class, after a yoga class and at home when I felt too insecure to even attend yoga class! But that brokenness, that sad record on repeat in your head, IS LYING TO YOU! You CAN start where you are no matter how small or scared. I know It can seem scary trying something for the first time! It’s even scarier if most of the images, pictures and examples of what you want to try to start look completely different than you look and feel.

But I have really, really good news for you!

You see, contrary to what we see online and in magazines; yoga is the union of the body, mind & spirit working together in wellness.  It doesn’t matter your age, body type, race, religion or socioeconomic demographic.  It isn’t just for 21-year-old, thin, tan, acrobat models in pretzel poses.   

Yoga isn’t about being super bendy or sexy, it isn’t supposed to be flashy or for show. It isn’t about being able to balance upside on your head in an airport on your way to Bali with a #zenlife caption under your Instagram photo.

Yoga is about showing up on your mat physically, mentally and emotionally to tap into your highest self so you can take the risk you need and the modifications you need to grow.  Yoga requires you to be honest, open and willing to become your deepest most authentic self no matter your personal beliefs or background.  Yoga is FOR YOU: Your body, your mind, your heart, your soul all working together to love yourself to wholeness. You are ALREADY enough.

You always were! You are just creating building blocks to show yourself and demonstrate that worth.  Yoga is for REAL people who are ready to GET REAL and GROW.

Now, not EVERY style of yoga may be for you. That’s okay!  Try things out and explore different techniques, teachers & styles!  Honor your body for where you are currently and take small, consistent steps to grow into a healthier, more whole version of yourself.  Start making simple and healthy steps for yourself on and off your yoga mat. Because YOU are SO worth it!

So, forget the scale.  Forget that perfect Instagram post.  Forget that idea that you MUST travel to Bali for the perfect yoga picture. Find what aligns best in your mind, body and heart and then, grow from there. Then, if you want to go to Bali you should totally go! 😉

We hope to meet you and all your GLORIOUS REALNESS on your mat soon.


Leah Rodgers

Owner/ Instructor

Selah Yoga


At Selah we offer a warm and loving atmosphere with qualified staff ready and willing to meet you where you are and grow from there. Curious where to start? Our Selah Basics Course & Unlimited Pass is a great way to learn the basics of yoga while sampling other styles from deep relaxation to active & sweaty. When you are ready to take the next step, our instructors are there to guide you into our Next Steps Course, Flying Forward Course, group yoga classes, a meditation class or some private lessons. You choose, we just help you get there!

~See you soon!

Selah Staff






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