“We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds.” ~ Pataῆjali, The Yoga Sutras

We often hear of the health benefits of a regular yoga practice from various medical professionals

and most millennials have seen flashy Instagram pictures of young, pro-athlete like bodies doing bendy poses inexpensive yoga gear.  But where does that put the rest of us? “The stay-at-home Mom and blogger”, the “full-time employee and full-time caregiver”, the “occasional gym-goer who also loves Cheetos and Margaritas. Or, what about the “I have no clue but my friend made me do this” yoga doers? Well, I am the “yoga teacher, former dancer, still trying to figure all this out even after yoga teacher training” yoga doer.  The important thing is that you are here!

Look – your yoga practice may not look like hers, or his, or whatever that bendy thing is that Mr. Yogi does with 1 Million plus social media followers. That is fine.  Your practice is unedited, unfiltered and raw.  It is where you, in all your realness, come to meet with yourself for your highest good – even if sometimes with the nacho bowl sitting next to your mat that you are finishing. No judgment. Believe it or not, no matter how messy your current yoga practice – or lack thereof – if you are here at all then that is a start, Dear Friend. Your yoga mat should be a place of challenge and sweat for sure!  But, it also needs to be a safe space and a place of healing and inner growth.  It’s a place where the recycled, overpriced rubber of your mat and your thighs (that will always gloriously touch) come together to work for your overall health and well-being.

As your instructor, I don’t care if you can stick your foot behind your head or if you can quote all the yoga sutras in one prānāyāmic breath.  Whoopie if you can though!  I care that you are there to honestly work on yourself in a kind and present way.  I care if you use it to help you be kinder to your community or to bond with your best friend.  I care that you are practicing in a way that is healthy, non-judgmental and fulfilling.  And, I care that you wait to enjoy that glass of wine until the end of the standing poses, so that you don’t fall over and break something – wine glass included ?.  But I do not care if you wear the latest Lulumon gear, if you and your partner practice partner yoga, or if you can balance said wine glass on your head during dancer’s pose.

My friend, this is your space.  No matter where you are, find the good in this present version of your yoga practice and seek to grow kindly and gently from there.  Here at Selah Yoga you have a safe space where you can take a relaxing and reflective pause from the demands of life!

I’ll see you on the matt. ~Namasté~


  1. Robyn Twnnyaon on November 22, 2017 at 2:34 am

    Well said!! What an inspiring woman you are whom I am very blessed to have in my life. Can’t wait to bring my out of shape, unbalanced, uncoordinated, slow and willing to fall off my mat body and breathe in the peace of yoga!!
    Super proud of you and excited for you. The Pass is lucky of have you

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