Course Descriptions

Gentle Yoga

A relaxing and nurturing class for those looking for something slow paced and reflective. This class includes basic yoga postures and stretches taught in a nurturing way. Appropriate for all levels. ($15/class drop-in rate applies)

Vinyasa is a form of Hatha Yoga that is created by linking movement and breath together, in a flow series. This class has cardiovascular, flexibility, strength and balance benefits. Postures in this class flow seamlessly from one movement to another at a slow pace. Basic yoga knowledge and body awareness is recommended. ($15/class drop-in rate applies)

A gentle to moderate Vinyasa Flow class; taught with soothing, contemporary and Indie singer/songwriter style music. Class flows in a way that the student and instructor can dance through the movements as asanas flow from one to another. It is a great way to deepen and enhance your practice in an artistic, modern way! This class is for those with an active lifestyle and at least an intermediate level of yoga experience. ($15/class drop-in rate applies)

A slow-flow Vinyasa series designed to relax the mind, sooth the senses and open up the body. This class is perfect for a person that is looking for a soothing way to end your day. ($15/class drop-in rate applies)

Strength and Stability Yoga Class

A great mind and body workout. This class uses a series of classic yoga poses, in a dynamic sequence, to create strength, flexibility and balance. Remember to bring a towel and water bottle. ($15/class drop-in rate applies)

Selah Fit

A combination of yoga, ballet and Pilates that is anaerobic and low impact. Dancers are known for their long, lean muscles. This class can help to develop these muscles and improve core strength. ($15/class drop-in rate applies)

Selah Basics - 6 Week Course

A beginner yoga series that teaches the basics of Hatha Yoga; including postures, breathing techniques and mindful meditation. This is a (6) week series where each class builds upon the next. The cost is $90 for the (6) week series but only $75 if you bring a friend that registers and takes the series with you. It is important that attendees make each class, as make up classes are not re-taught. However if you miss a class it is ok because there are at least (2) different classes to attend each week. If you participate in the yoga basic classes it is required to pre-register. If you have already been through a Selah Basics class series then you can pay the drop-in rate to take a class at any time for practice, review, relaxation, etc. Secure your space now, as these classes allow for a maximum of 12 people. These classes will repeat every (6) weeks.